What We Do


The Spectrum and Range of Services which APL offers is broadly in the area of Planning ; Design and Project Management consultancy in the key fields of Specialization from conception to commissioning stage.



Main fields of specialization of APL covers Irrigation and Drainage, Flood Control and Land Reclamation, River Valley Optimisation and Management, Hydropower , Ground Water Exploration, Water Supply and Sanitation (Rural and Urban), Roads and Buildings, Environmental Engineering including Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit, Rain Water Harvesting; Topographical Survey , soil & Geotechnical Investigations, hydrographical survey and water quality testing etc. APL is also venturing into City Development Plans, Financial Management System, Quality Control and Construction Supervision.



APL’ s spectrum of services covers a wide range of activities such as Concept Plan;Pre-feasibility studies, Feasibility studies, Socio-economic studies, Master Plans and Regional Development Plans, field investigations, detailed engineering including designs, detailed specifications, tendering process, contract and construction management, commissioning and testing, operation & maintenance, quality assurance & management, Capacity Development  and human resource development.

APL has the in-built capability to provide a multidisciplinary project team comprising its own core of professionals and also working specialists from various Govt. of India State Govt. organizations as well.

The areas of Services of Consultancy covered is as given below:

Urban & Rural Water Supply, Sanitation, Sewerage and Drainage Schemes & Solid Waste Management

  • Preparation of master plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • System layout and designs including distribution networks
  • Intake structures and treatment plants
  • Rehabilitation Study
  • Tender documents & Technical Specifications
  • Technical evaluation of Pre Qualification Documents and tender documents
  • Detailed engineering, construction supervision, operation and maintenance planning

Source Appraisal and Development

  • Surface/ground water assessment
  • Water quality
  • Water harvesting
  • Water conservation


  • Water purification and treatment plants
  • Desalinization
  • Sewage treatment and disposal
  • Application of UASB & SBR based technology
  • Reuse of Sewage
  • Waste water treatment and recycling
  • Solid Waste Management


  • Pollution abatement
  • Environment Impact Assessment
  • Low Cost Sanitation
  • Storm water drainage
  • Socio-economic surveys
  • Willingness to pay survey – community participation
  • Training and institutional development
  • Public Awareness Campaign (PAC)